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I've been playing and writing songs since I first picked up the guitar at age 14 (the violin and I simply weren't getting along). And many many years, torn apart fingers and stretched ligaments later (along with some very, very confusing lyrics) I started to think I could develop this into something more, maybe even something great! Through the university years and into my twenties I started to write songs that were a little more coherent, more grounded, and I'd been helped by the masters who came before: Pink Floyd, Jackson Browne, Nick Drake, Kate Rusby, and Bruce Springsteen who, for me, is a lyrical genius at storytelling.

 I'd written the first set of songs that I felt were good enough to be recorded. With the help of some session musicians and three different studios, we recorded 'Another Night In' EP. Six tracks saying here we are, this is what we're about and we've only just scratched the surface. Soon after, the music started to grow beyond it’s acoustic roots, and Another Night in was discontinued. Elements of pop, jazz, and above all else, rock, started to make their way into what I was writing.

I like to believe that your music grows as you do. But that can only really happen if you allow music to expand as well. Think structure. Think layers. Think lyrics! Lyrics to me are right up there with the actual melody of your song. That's where you write your story, and it can be a story about anything: The day you got your first paycheck, the day you first fell in love, that crushing time you received your 8th rejection letter for jobs but decided to carry on applying. A road trip you took with your friends, or how you felt in one fleeting moment as you sat alone in a bar. It doesn't always have to be personal to you, you can get creative with it. Create characters, tell stories about them, let the lyrics be the soul of your song. After all, it's surely why you're writing the song in the first place!

From January 2018 I started collaborating regularly with bassist Henry Green, guitar wizard Ed Clarke, and multi-instrumentalist Adi Chase who, frankly, is yet to show me something she can't play. Since then LA Underlined has playing gigs as a full five piece band, and we started work on LA Underlined's debut EP.

There's a lot of crap going on out there, with not a great deal of places to escape to. We like to think of ourselves as the band you come to when you want to escape the dark side of the world and let the music run away with you. So we've created a space filled with a range of genres and stories, each with our own signature to it so it'll always keep us with you.

I think we've created something wonderful and unique, and I really look forward to seeing where it goes.

So come on in, join our story.


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Upcoming gigs


February 15 - London stone, staines

april 6 - the spice of life, soho, london

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Music in Progress

by LA Underlined

A collection of songs we’re working on at the moment, some demos, some more completed tracks!